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National Security

Every day we are reminded that the world is still a dangerous place and that national security should be the preeminent focus of our commander in chief. Russian President Vladimir Putin is emboldened; Iran and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are filling the vacuum created by the absence of U.S. leadership in the Middle East; the Taliban is seeing a resurgence; and Chinese cyber attacks threaten our corporate and governmental data.  Yet, President Obama continues his strategy of breaking down our military might and leading from behind.

Instead of clearly articulating and executing a robust strategy to destroy and defeat ISIL and their terrorist allies, our president unleashes his anger and verbal attacks on Republicans, gun owners and the media.

We must stand behind our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. The relationship between Israel and the United States has never been more important in the midst of an increasingly complex international stage.

I also believe a vital component of national security is economic security. Free and fair trade agreements create substantial opportunity for growth while also benefiting our national security through promotion of global stability and positive economic relations with other nations.

As long as I am your senator I will wake up every day fighting to make sure that our homeland is secure and that we maintain the human and technological force strength to defend our liberty and help our allies.

Stand with me to protect American exceptionalism by joining my team today.

Stand with Johnny


Our nation is and always has been successful because of the grit, hard work and innovation of our men and women. No amount of liberal, debt-financed government spending sprees and “stimulus” plans can generate prosperity for hard-working Americans.

The best thing the government can do to create jobs is to get out of the way. As a businessman who has employed hundreds of Georgians, I understand that eliminating burdensome, unnecessary regulations will help workers find good-paying jobs and allow our free-enterprise system to succeed.

I am also proud to have led the successful effort to modernize federal job training programs, eliminate 15 duplicative federal programs and give states more flexibility to partner with businesses to help workers get the skills they need to succeed in our 21st century economy.

Join me in the fight to unleash Georgia’s job growth.

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Tax Reform

High, oppressive taxes are the enemy of personal liberty and achieving the American Dream. Washington has a spending problem that we cannot tax our way out of. I have always believed that taxpayer dollars are best left in the hands of the people who earned them.

Our nation’s burdensome and confusing tax code is hurting Georgia’s businesses and hampering job growth across this nation every day. The current system is outdated, impossibly complicated and fundamentally unfair to taxpayers and their families. Congress must put true tax reform on the table. As a longtime businessman and member of the Senate Finance Committee, I will always be a voice for smart, pro-growth, commonsense tax reform to bring relief to American’s families and business owners.

Help me fight for commonsense tax reform today.

Reform Now

National Debt

It is time we demanded our government do the same thing every Georgian has had to do for themselves: live within our means. Washington has operated under a culture of wasteful, out-of-control spending for too long with the national debt now surpassing $17 trillion this year. This is simply unacceptable, and we cannot kick the can down the road any longer.

I have introduced several pieces of legislation to rein in federal spending, reduce the debt and change the way Washington does business. Among these efforts, I am working to pass legislation that would convert the annual federal budgeting process to a two-year cycle with a built-in requirement that we do more oversight to identify and eliminate programs that are not useful. Additionally, I have repeatedly co-sponsored a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to balance the federal budget and stop spending money we don’t have.

Stand with me and demand a change in the way the federal government does business.

Stop the Spending

Border Security

Any meaningful conversation about immigration reform must begin with a plan to fully secure our borders and uphold the rule of law. I do not support any form of amnesty or pathway to citizenship for those who have entered our country illegally. I believe it is absolutely critical to Georgia and to our country that we secure the borders, avoid amnesty, and restore credibility to our immigration system. That is why I will tirelessly fight to uphold our current law and prioritize national security.

Stand with me and demand that the president and Democrats in Congress uphold the laws of our land.

Secure our Border

Repeal & Replace Obamacare

As your senator, I have witnessed firsthand the great damage that Obamacare has caused Georgians. Contrary to the president’s promise that Americans would be able to keep their health plan and their doctor, hard-working families are now paying higher premiums for insurance that doesn’t cover the doctors or medications they need.

Obamacare is an economic disaster and represents one of the greatest threats to our freedom as Americans. There is only one way to set our country back on the right track, and that’s by repealing the current system of government-run health care and replacing it with a free-market solution that makes medical care truly affordable and accessible to all Americans.

As a member of two Senate committees that oversee federal health programs, I remain on the front lines of this battle and commit to vigilantly protect your freedoms by working to roll back this law and start over. Make no mistake, I will continue to fight in the Senate for conservative solutions that will save our economy and restore our health care system.

If you agree that Obamacare is a disaster, please help me repeal it in the Senate by joining my team.

Repeal It


Georgia’s number one industry is agriculture. Our state is home to a variety of agricultural industries, including blueberries, timber, poultry and our famous peaches and peanuts. Agriculture provides jobs on the farm, in the factory, in transportation, at restaurants. It provides stability for our economy.

I grew up working summers at my grandparents’ farm in Ben Hill County and it taught me the value of hard work. As a proud member of the Georgia Farm Bureau, I have visited farms, listened to ranchers and growers, and worked to provide certainty to them as well as to consumers. Our Georgia agricultural exports are important not only to our state and country, but to the rest of the world. I will always represent Georgia’s agricultural interests in Washington.

Learn more about my efforts to ensure Georgia’s agriculture remains strong.

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Our nation’s greatest legacy has always been the courage, selflessness and dedication of our men and women who have worn the uniform. We owe veterans nothing less than everything to ensure the well-being of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines as we send them to war and, just as importantly, when they return home from the battlefield. As a veteran of the Georgia Air National Guard and as chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, I am committed to keeping this promise.

If you agree that our veterans deserve better, help me fight for them in Washington by joining my team today.

Help our Veterans

Second Amendment

I strongly support the Second Amendment and believe that it must be preserved and defended. That is why I have and will continue to oppose any efforts that undermine your right to keep and bear arms.

We do not need more gun control in America; rather we need more criminal control. I support commonsense solutions that focus on enforcing existing laws and strengthening mental health care, rather than creating new restrictions on our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

It is because of the stand that I have taken that I have proudly received consistent “A” ratings from the National Rifle Association.

Help me protect our Second Amendment Rights. Join my team today.

Protect our Right

Georgia Values

Georgians understand that the foundation of our country rests on the strength of our families. The federal government must not promote policies that undermine marriage and strong families. We need to preserve the rights of parents to make decisions about their children’s education, and keep the federal government out of our schools.

Human life is also sacred and protected by our Constitution, and I always have and will support laws that protect the sanctity of life.

A key step to ensuring that our traditional values are upheld is appointing federal judges who understand that laws are made in Congress, not from the bench.

I am a life-long Methodist, the grandson of Swedish immigrants, a husband, father, grandfather, and a Sunday School teacher of 30 years. These are the roles that define me and my beliefs.

Stand with me to protect Georgia’s values in Washington.

Protect our Values

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