Georgia Women Rallying for Isakson

ATLANTA – Today, Georgians for Isakson announced its latest coalition group, “Women for Isakson.” The organization features more than 600 Georgia women who are committed to voting to re-elect U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson on Nov. 8. The full list of supporters can be found here.

“Johnny Isakson has been a leader for all Georgians, and his work goes far beyond the boundaries of our state,” said Mayor Kay Pippin of Jackson, Ga. “As a businessman and public servant, he understands what it takes to bring people together on critical issues like jobs, our economy and our national security that are on the minds of voters.”

“No matter what questions I have seen the crowds ask him, Johnny Isakson is always ready and has always done his homework,” said Barbara Hickey, president of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women. “He has served us well as a U.S. senator. I am in awe of him. Johnny is always kind and generous with his time, and when I’ve had the opportunity to invite him to be a speaker, women and men thank me for the time spent with Johnny Isakson.”

“I appreciate the support of all Georgians,” said Isakson. “From national security to the availability and affordability of health care, to jobs and our economy, the key issues of this election are at the tops of women’s minds.”

October 19, 2016

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